Multiple Objects Origin to Base?

Anyone know of a script or tool to do this? I have hundreds of objects and I need all of them at world 0,0,0 with individual origins at the base(bottom of bounding box) Objects are all importing from different .fbx files and sizes/origins/world space positions are all different. I would like to do this in one go>select all objects>origin to base>Alt+G. Thanks.

I found a way. I’ll leave here for others. Machine3Tools Align to floor>3D cursor to world origin>Origin to cursor. 3 clicks. :wink:


There are addon pivot transform, you can take a look. I miss this feature from C4D. There are free plugin “drop to flor” and C4D have nice control for object axis… also you can adjust axis for selection on fly with sliders, for example you can rotate selected polygons like they have hinge. I guess that there are some addons for Blender which can easily move axis of selected faces, vertex, edges, but I can’t find it.

My solution above worked really well, so I don’t need an additional addon.

You can do this in Blender by using ‘active element’ as your pivot point.

I don’t use Machine3tools, anyway this addon offer more functionality with one click. Anyway such stuff must be part of Blender, just like “reset PSR” which in one click back mesh to his origin, very useful.
Active element is not same as freely moving transformation axis. “Hinge” rotation is only one of possibly usage. Once when you use it, you see how this little features can be helpful. Here is one example, simply scale half of quad sphere, result is very different.

@Musashidan is this what you are after? Note, it can be hotkeyed :wink:

Kekit offers multiple options for various sorts of alignment to the world origin, including above and below the ‘floor’ in the redo last panel. You can also change the Z height setting to align objects to an arbitrary height.
Make sure to check out the new TT tools in there and the additional ‘goodies’ as well.

Overview of the features:

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@alekba I use Maxivz addon for quick setting of origin. Hotkey to centre origin to either object/group of objects/or element selections. I’ll check out Pivot Transform addon. Thanks.

@Hologram I’ve been watching KeKit recently. :smiley: I mainly want it for the cut tool, as it’s something I’m missing coming from 3dsMax(Swiftloop tool)

I use Machine3Tools addon for Align tools. There is a drop base to floor option. I’m definitely going to try KeKit though. Thanks.

These are also in Kekit under ‘Select and Align’ in case you need any additional ones.

By the way, Kekit features a pie for Transform mode (i.e. local/ global) & Pivot mode (i.e. individual origins, bounding boxcenter, median point) combos, which unlike Machin3’s, allows you to manually, specify the combinations, name it and save it to the pie.

That was the same reason for me to try it out, however, Kekit’s cut tool is a direct tool, without a preview of the loop to be created and without edge snapping (like Polyquilt), unfortunately. Fortunately, the developer is really open to feature suggestions.
E: I personally would love to see ‘Set Flow’ in Loopcut tools, just like Swiftloop.