Multiple objects rigging (moving together with the armature)


I am new to Blender and I am getting stuck when I want to rig/animate my character.
I have two objects (a rabbit and a pair of eyebrows) that I want to join/merge into one object/group so they both move when I go in pose mode.
I tried joining the two objects with ctrl+j but when I go into pose mode, only the rabbit will move and the eyebrows will stay at the same position. I want the eyebrows to be attached to the rabbit, so they will move with the rabbit.
How can I join/merge the objects so both will move when I go into pose mode?

I did little test; made two objects with its own rigs. Since objects are children of different armature, you can’t join them. You need to join the parents, Armatures. And you can’t [Ctrl][J] Armatures. They don’t form into single unit.

just create the eyebrow bones on the head bone of the rabbit, and parent the eyebrows to those bones as both the rabbit and eyebrows are now essentially children of the same armature, they will move together and you can pose the eyebrows from their own bones

@Small Troll Thank you, that worked :wink:

Hi Just to hitch on this post, what if you want to parent an 2 armature together i mean iv tried it, but the model er mesh of the armature that following the parent would just go wobble. is there a solution to this??