Multiple objects same armature?

So I have a character, and if I combine him completely and use automatic weights it gives me an error and doesn’t work.

It’s related to the head of the character, I can combine everything else and then use automatiic weights with my armature, and then it works.

However, even if I do that, the automatic weights are totally broken. Like, grabbing the torso grabs the ears, and it deforms all wrong.

The automatic weights do work correctly if I connect individual objects like the torso.

So my question is, can I have the armature control different objects? Like this isn’t a human model, he looks like this.

So having the head bone actually control the head as an object. Same for other problematic areas.
is this possible?

automatic weight takes into consideration the distances of the vertex… so it only works for really simple mesh OR as a base of the weight painting. With the image you post, there is definitely a need to paint the vertices weight, but it’s not as bad as many ppl think, personally I find it quite relaxing to weight paint.

And yes, you can have an armature that control multiple object!


The zipper could have a bone of its own/ be a separate object. Is there a head under the hat? Auto weights do not like that. It does not like layered mesh. If you post the mesh it will help.

Yeah sure, here you go

so like is there any way for the headbone to control the head object?
or does it need a seperate armature?

yes, you can.

if it’s not going to be deform but just parent, you can select your object, shift select the bone, Ctrl P and select bone.

if it’s going to be deform, just add an armature modifier, and start painting the weight, and you can use the same armature for different object.

I started the weight painting on your character

there was a bug on the jacket so I reset it (by creating a cube, merge the jacket to the cube and deleted the mesh cube after). and so some I lost some info on the mesh.

Hope it helps, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate.


thanks a bunch
that was really helpful ;D

I have another question I had a bone at the bototm that everything was created from, I thought moving that would move the character and all the bones.
Here’s an updated file

Everything has been weight painted, still a few few bugs, but I’m working on it.

But I want to use the base bone to move the model (between feet) so that when I move the model, it will be easier to do a walking animation.

in edit mode with the armature, select a bone that is at the beginning of a chain ie, it has no parent yet, go to the bone window, then in the parent put root.

Also I notice that the axes the bones are not properly setup. put you orientation mode to Gimbal, show the axes of your armature, and roll your bones so that it correspond to the way it’s going to be animated. Ctrl N and Ctrl R when you are in edit mode of the armature with a bone selected.


Thanks a bunch again. I also understand what you mean with the bone axes, I’ll go ahead and fix that.

so i went back to this, was busy playing too much quake
i have one problem i added a bone for hair
however, when i apply with automatic weights, the hair gets thrown way off the model.
if i hit tab to go into edit mode, it’s in the right place.

Like the origin gets all messed up, how can I fix this?

Could someone take a look?
I’m getting rather confused, I can’t seem to move the hips. It just moves the whole model.

Can’t seem to get the walking animation to look natural either, I haven’t spent much time on it, but it looks very floaty.

at least the idle animation is fine

I’m pretty sure your whole body would move too if someone were to move your hips. :wink:
Click the pad lock icons for location in the n-panel under Transform. Do this for the legs and any other parts not connected to other bones.

Next, you would want the hips rotating the body in a good way, so a hack way to accomplish this is to enable Inherit Rotation under Relations in the bone options for the leg bones closest to the hips. You might want to enable it for the bone above the hip too to see what happens. The non hack way to do this would be to add bones and constraints for isolating the rotation, and a slider to change between the two.

Your walk cycle looks floaty because you’re using FK instead of IK, which makes it nearly impossible to hold the feet in place when they should be still.

You could watch this series to learn how to make your rig more robust.

thanks i’ll look at the series

the problem with the hips i was mentioning was that, it’s like impossible to make a crouch position. Nevermind the clipping, there is no way to pull his butt any lower.

The best you can do is put him in a chair position.

Inherit rotation is on for those bones

Whoops, I meant to disable inherit rotation.
For crouching and stuff you should make a new bone for the body that has rotation locked. You’ll then use the hip bone for the rotation only, and the new bone for the location of the hips.
You’ll need to make IK bones for the legs if you want to easily make crouching poses though. (and walk cycles)

fixed 10char