Multiple objects selected, no active object. can't move to collection

Ok, title was hard to think of…
Basically I don’t know if this is a bug or expected behaviour.
If you use box select to select multiple objects and do not have an active object pressing ‘m’ does not bring up the move to collection menu.
This only happens if you have no object selected before you box select, as box select adds to selection.
Also blender seems to remember the last active object, so if it is in the new box selection it becomes the active object again…

so basically to repeat this issue,
take 10 objects,
select 1 then deselect.
box select the other 9 objects
try pressing m.
nothing will happen.

You can’t join the meshes if one if them isn’t active, too. However if you box select objects and none is active (sometimes one is, sometimes not), shift clicking on any selected object once makes it active.

Joining meshes makes sense to me though, that you have to have an active one. Otherwise you’re not telling Blender if you want to join with the subdiv’ed object or the mirror’ed object.

But I tried the steps above, and I’m not having any issues. Running 2.80 on linux.

If you reproduce those steps :

That is normal to see popup working.
Deselecting an object does not remove it as active object. It is still active but just unselected.
You have to delete it instead of deselecting it.

I don’t know if it is known. I did not find a bugreport about that.

Got it. Now nothing happens indeed. Active but not selected. How is that even a thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

@crazychristina I would expect joining meshes to be expected behaviour as @CarlG explains blender needs some info from at least 1 object to make decisions about the result.

I will submit a bug report, I wanted to ask here first because I just started using 2.8 recently and so much is unfamiliar I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just missing something.

edit: submitted report. same issue exist with circle and lasso select so its just an overlooked scenario i’d guess.