Multiple Objects with Modifiers

I have a large group of objects, each with a subsurface modifier. Everytime I want to change the level of subsurfacing, I have to go through and change each object.

Is there anyway to link them all together so I only have to change one modifier?

I want to do that too.

Does anybody know anything?

You could 1) select all your objects and hit Ctrl-J to join them into one mesh object … though this option will be a pain if you have a lot of objects and need them to be separate later … or 2) change the subsurf level in one object … deselect it … then select all of the other objects you want to change the subsurf on except the one you already changed … then shift-select the one you changed … and hit Ctrl-C -> Copy Attributes context menu -> Subsurf Levels (towards the bottom) … This only works if the other objects already have a subsurf modifier applied to them . And you need to shift-select the object with subsurf level you want last (if I didn’t make that clear above) .

Thanks VP, 2) worked perfectly. This bit isn’t true though:


thanks very much.

i´m always overlooking nr.2
stupid me