Multiple overlay scenes - make one scene on top


I’ve got multiple overlay scenes in my game. Is it possible to move a certain scene on top of all the other scenes?

Edit: I think I’ve found the solution. I made two copies of the overlay scene and every 20 logic ticks I add the copy that isn’t in use and remove the copy that is being used, so it alternates between the two. This means that it is constantly being overlaid on top of the other scenes. Because it contains an object that changes position, I had to make it add the new scene before removing itself after 1 tick. This logic tick was used to reposition the object and set it’s visibility, so that it didn’t flash in the centre every time the scene changed.

I now just need to make the scene change happen only when needed, instead of every 20 logic ticks.

Edit 2: Though my game runs at a low FPS for me (10, whereas my friend gets 60 :frowning: ) which means the mouse is too laggy. I’ve decided to drop the idea of changing the cursor and instead will have some sort of indicator in the UI.