Multiple particle effects from the same mesh ?

(Rhysy 2) #1

I am trying to make a mesh emit some particles, then stop emiting for about 10 frames, then, start emitting them again. I tried just adding a new particle effect set to start 10 frames later, but I don’t see any new particles. Any idea why this doesn’t work ?
I’m trying to get repeated laser blasts for my trench run animation and it’s going to be a nightmare if I can’t make this work.

(theeth) #2

you can only have one particle emitter for each object. Try using an instance copy (Alt-D) for multiple systems per mesh.


(Rhysy 2) #3

Oh well, that’s a shame.

Fortunately I was using dupliverts, so I got around the problem by increasing the number of particles and spreading them over a larger number of frames for the particle effect.