Multiple particle systems

Hello, all. Not sure where this post should go, but here goes.

I am learning particles, both dynamic and static, right now and I have come to my first bump in the road. I have a need to have multiple particle systems in a single mesh, or at least achieve a result to make it look that way.

For a simple example, I have made a subdivided plane and made two sections into different vertigroups, say “Spot” and “Outer” is what I called them. I am wanting to make the “Spot” group of vertices emit black strands of hair and the “Outer” group emit a different color strands of hair.

I have tried many things and can’t seem to do it right. How can this be done, if it can be done in the first place?

Thank you for your time.

very basically do you mean like this?

There are ways to refine this much better. basically I used 1 plane, selected the middle verts, ctrl/p to seperate middle section, apply particles to both then ctrl/j to rejoin mesh, or in this case I parented the mesh, just for the test.
You could also use this with a solid color base mesh, say skin, just select the verts to have particles, copy the verts, split into particle color areas, then turn off show emitter mesh parent/child all sections of the particles then parent back to the original mesh.
hope this helps.

Will this method allow the mesh to move as if it were a single piece or will I have multiple pieces to deal with through every frame?

I am wanting to achieve the look of animal fur patterns like tigers, leopards, etc.

Okay, I have a plane up with two vert groups, StripesVG and BodyVG. When I select StripesVG and hit Ctrl-p, it gives me the error message "Select either 1 or 3 vertices to parent to. If I select the vert group and hit p I get the dialog to choose from Selected, All Loose Parts, or By Material. If I choose Selected, my vert group disappears and I can’t get it back.

How do I separate my vert groups from each other and then add the particles and then rejoin them?

Okay. Got all the way up to the point where I need to rejoin the meshes. I was able to put particles on each mesh after I separated them, but when I join them, one of the particle systems takes over and doesn’t let the other particles show at all.

Okay. I found out I can’t join my two meshes and keep both particle systems. Bummer. I can parent them, but then if I move the entire group via the child, the object is still two separate pieces. Is there no way to have a single object, that can be animated, with multiple particle systems being emitted?

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Sorry about that. I was tired and frustrated.

As for the rendering. I achieved the desired effect as long as the renders are just still shots, but to animate, edit, or anything else with this method, I have to have some way of using a SINGLE mesh that emits MULTIPLE particle systems or get the same results of that.

There is a new particle system being worked on that supports multiple particle systems on the same mesh, and uv mapping to the particles.

build at graphicall:

there are ones for linux and mac at graphicall, too if you need them.
documentation (a little incomplete and out of date):

Hmm. Is this a third party plug-in or an actual Blender feature? I don’t mind plug-ins at all. In fact I love them. I am just wandering cause I AM just a beginner even though I have a couple years experience with 3D geometry and render theory. All I wish is to animate things like animals and objects that have fur or other “strand” components that I can animate and especially edit with little trouble. Until I can miraculously join up with friends or colegues for rendering, I have to deal with easy instead of quality.

Stupid thing reposted my same post.

What is this GraphicAll build deal? I get nothing from the site but a list of bugs in blender or a plug in I can’t tell.

Scroll down and there is a big download button. Basically, graphicall holds lots of versions of blender with cool new features and optimizations.

Hmmm. Does the site, or the download, provide documentation on how to use the features? Like the multiple particle system?

No, but I provided a link to some documentation in my post.