Multiple Pivot Points for an object


New to rigging of any sort, and been slowly learning the basics or constraints and armatures. I have been trying to make the setup below work for some time now using armatures/constraints but to no avail. What I would like is if you move the blue section, the pivot between the red-blue moves, but the pivot between red-green stays in the same location. (Pivot points shown by the empties)

I cant seem to be able to make an object (the red bracket) have more than one pivot point, the armature works to an extent but distorts the mesh.

Any help greatly appreciated

I am not quite sure what you are asking, are you trying to make the green section ‘dangle’? I know there is a setting for that, but I need to refresh my memory…I will edit this post in a few mins after I have a chance to open up blender and look.
(edit) ok, there is no more hinge button. to make a hinge, the current method is select the bone you want hinged in pose mode, >> shift W >> inherit rotation

I believe IK is the answer. That’s the only thing I can think of where you can keep one end still while moving the other, then do the opposite.

if you want the rotation of one to be driven by the other, you can use a copy rotation constraint, or an action constraint.