Multiple pointer inputs?

I’m in the “hmmm, I wonder if I could…?” stages of a project, and just wanted to ask the experts about a possibility.
I just watched a demo of a couple of devices that are essentially giant touch-screens that allow multiple users to interact with a computer by simply touching the screen. One of the demos featured Warcraft using all touch-screen input. (I’d give a link, but I lost it - search YouTube if you’re curious.) A friend has a digital projector for his comp, and it occurred to me - hey, I could create something like a board-game, like Risk or some such, that several people could play, but make it more of a 3D experience of my own creation. However: the mult-input table thing is ridiculously expensive, so I figured I could slum with several optical mouse input devices.
So: to get to the point, can the BGE offer multiple mouse input? I searched around here and on google, but didn’t find what I was looking for. (I’m willing to work a bit with python, but I’m in the beginning stages of learning it.) Also, if it could work by switching the mouse from active to inactive, as in, players take turns, that could work too. Obviously, we could just pass around a single mouse, but that lacks a certain elegance, eh?:rolleyes:
[note this has nothing to do with my sig link - completely different project.]

blender cant handle multiple mouse inputs afaik.

I also want to do that. I can do it on linux reading the /dev/input/* devices, but I don’t know if it’s even possible on windows.

From my searches here, apparently pygame has multiple joystick support. Then there’s this thread.

Also forgot to mention that we’re windows-based.

Then there’s this as well…hmmm, I’m getting places, I think, but what does the BGE need to make this mouse/program work?

Hello Eku,

This site says the SDK should be available for January 2007. To get this into the BGE you could ask in the developer forum.