Multiple profiles

I have two completely different UI requirements for general modeling and precise modeling for my 3d printer. Is there any way to save the different profiles to where I don’t have to juggle user preference files manually?

You mean the layout of the screen?

No. For the object modeling that will be printed I have everything set to precision measurements in millimeters. For general modeling I don’t need such high precision. The workspace layout is also setup for difference and will need reset also. For now I just saved out the preference files and switch them accordingly.

Switching while working isn’t possible AFAIK. But you can even start in your differnent setting directly by blender myOtherSetting.blend … and save directly as you working name (so you don’t overwrite your special settings). You can start blender with different environment variable $BLENDER_USER_CONFIG to have completly different configurations. But this is too much overhead i think (except you different default.blend couldn’t be overwritten by accident)

I believe I’ve found a good solution for you.

In your default blend file you can create as many scenes as you want each one with the preferences you want to have to your needed workflow.

You just need to set them as linked when you create the new scenes.

You can give proper names to identify each scene by it’s settings.

it’s good to remember that viewport view settings are connected to the workspace layout and each tab can be configured separately. So it would be a good idea to create different viewport layouts as tabs to save those preferences too. This includes viewport focal length and clipping.

To tell the truth, that is what I am going to do myself for my default blend file right now.

And yes, that will work to new created files only. Well, not the part of the layout.

I have found a small limitation for this method. If you do this you can only create new collections INSIDE the collections already shared between the scenes. Any collection created on the level of the scene collection will not be shared by the linked scenes.

I cannot understand why the scene collection isn’t also shared since the scenes are linked but that is the way it works.

Anyway, if you forget that and create new collections / objects out of the shared collections you just drag them inside the shared ones and they will also be shared.

I forgot to say that all the linked collections and objects are editable in all the linked scenes and, of course, the changes you make on one scene you have on the other too. The changes you make on settings as render configs, units, render layers, all that stuff are not shared, so you have freedom to set them as you want.