Multiple Render Settings

I’m working on a short animation in Cycles. It has several parts. One is a fly-in to a building. Another is text zooming in and expanding, a third is some particle work and the last is the compositing.

Each one has different render settings, at the very minimum, the start and end frames differ as well as the output path, also motion blur factors and transparency settings differ, and for the compositing, it outputs a quicktime file instead of png stills.

Does Blender have a function to make these settings and call them up as needed? I want to be able to work on the parts together in the 3D view to make sure that they are all in sync, but then render out the individual parts independently by layer without having to remember what file names and render settings I need and having to put back in all the render information time after time.


you can duplicate the scene with link objects and set the render setting in each one, then you can render each scene separately…

Maybe I have asked the wrong question.

Assume you are working on small project, with a fly in to a building, frames 1-100, some text zooming and expanding, frames 100-150, some particle work, frames 140-300, and compositing them all, frames 1-300.

How would you approach organizing your work flow so you could see all the bits as a whole, but have differing render settings to play with each section. Would you use different scenes? different .blend files? keep notes in a text window?