Multiple rigid body simulations stacking up using keyframes to determine start times

So I am trying to put together animation. What I am trying to accomplish is having a line of text appear, and then using the cell fracture addon it crumbles and falls to the ground. Mid flight the next text appears, after a period of time it does the same and so forth. I bought a plugin so I can animate the appearance of the next line of text. What I am having trouble with is getting the second (first always starts when I want it to) simulation to start when I want it to. Have tried baking the first one, and then setting the rigid body world to start when the next text is supposed to do its thing, but I can’t seem to get it to work. any ideas?

This could be done by animating the “dynamic” button on the individual shards. There seems to be no proper way to add a keyframe on multiple shards a once, but I have a workaround.

-Combine all shards of your line of text into one object.
-Set the rigid body settings the way you need them and then animate the “dynamic” checkbox so the simulation starts on the correct frame for that one line.
-Separate the pieces by going into edit mode, press P and choose “by loose parts”. They are now back to separate, but will keep the settings and animation.
-Go out of edit mode and set the origin to center of mass for all shards.
-Repeat for each line of text, with a different frame at which each line of text becomes dynamic.


Awesome! thank you very much!