multiple rounds of particles

Either im missing something or its just not possible but how would you make the SAME object have particle from something like frame 0 - 250, then wait till frame 400 - 800??

click on new effect to add another particle system to the same mesh

Did that help?

umm actually no in 2.42 you can only press new and delete one particle set…

oh? i’ll don’t have access to blender rght now, expect an reply in around 3 hours.

the question still stand for anyone else who knows

As far as I know you now can only have one particle system on a mesh. One cheat for repetitive particle streams is to make a sawtooth Time IPO like this (Ctrl-LMB to draw points in the IPO window):

Make the drops to zero very steep or you will see the particles going backward into the emitter.

Two limitations of this setup:

  1. Particle emission will be exactly the same for each sawtooth (except for speed, which you can control with the Time IPO). If you want to change materials or anything else between the two emissions, you will have to use multiple meshes.
  2. The IPO affects all animations on the emitter, so they will start over too with each sawtooth.

I think the particle system is being re-written right now. No idea when it will be released.