Multiple Scenes to a Sequence Shot

Hello, i ve a character in different situations in different scenes. Now i wanna move the camera from one situation to another into the same space (a sequence shot).I need to do this cause it all will happen within the same background, so i linked my chars from the differents scenes to anotherone. The main problem now is that each action in each scene starts at frame 1 so when i merge all the scenes into a singleone all the actions happens at the same time. How could i change that without keyframing everything again?
Here is a screenshot from my problem:

Please, help, i m stucked!!!

Can’t you just slide all the actions to the appropriate frame where you want the linked scene to start?

You could block select them all, press G-Key and slide the whole bunch of them to the left or right. Hold down the CTRL-key while sliding to snap them to integer frames.

you are right, i feel so dumb;

Anyway, i ve another question; is it possible to arrange the nla editor channels moving them up or down???

And by the way, i ve patched this tweaking around but it is not as clean as i want: how do i encapsulate an scene to move its objects anywhere i want not loosing the relative position info of for example a texture alpha tracker or the keyframing of an animation of the camera.