multiple scenes

I have a blender project (duh! :D).

Anyway . . . I have two scenes inside one file and I was wondering if I could render them together like layers. If not, is there any way that I could copy my second scene to another layer in my first scene?

if you want to data link part of a scene, like an actor to another scene, select it and press ctrl L. If you want to use a scenen as a set, go to the left side of the render buttons, and you’ll see a key with little arrows on it. if you hover your mouse over the arrows it will say “scene to link to as a set”. Just use that button to browse through the available scenes. You can also link to a scene using shift F1, and choosing ‘scene’, and linking to it.

I’ve made the decision to complety get rid of my first scene and use the second. How would I copy my model from the first scene to the second? I just want to copy my model and nothing else.

I think I can do it by Shift -F1 and load a library.