Multiple Screens bug?

I think I have found a bug but I need someone to verify it. I am working in blender on my laptop. That works fine.

But when I connect an external monitor, extend my desktop onto it and increase the size of blender to cover both screens, the blender window ceases to function on the second screen if I enlarge it to cover more than about half that screen. When I say ceases to function I mean that the 3D view becomes messed up and no pop up menus shows.

If I instead open Blender after I have connected the second monitor it all works as it should. So basically, the bug is not serious since there is a very good workaround but still…

Have anyone else experienced the same thing as I have?


you need to give information on your hardware for this to be helpful, i have had no problems whatsoever running blender on multiple monitors.


i use to have the same problem on my dual monitor desktop
try open blender and word or someother program over the two screen open word to the front then minimize or close it
that use to work for me.

To Alltaken:
My laptop is a Acer TravelMate 3000. The graphic chip is an integrated one (yes, I am embarrased), an “Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family”.

To speblem:
I will try that later but it is really besides the point since I have a workaround myself. My point is that maybe Blender shouldn’t behave this way in the first place.

Some hardware - and I suspect your integrated video card fall in this category - will not show accelerated 3D on both heads in a dual-head setup… and it’s usually the secondary head that doesn’t get it. This is what I’m guessing is the root of your problem. It’s not a problem with Blender as much as it’s a problem with your hardware and/or the drivers for your hardware.