Multiple seam sets for multiple UV maps?

Since I am using Blender to create static meshes for UE4 I have to produce two different UV unwraps of the same object. One for texturing etc. and one for the lightmap. Two different UV maps are needed because the requirements are very different.Because of this I have to cut the object differently. Is there a way to define two different sets of seams for the two different UV maps? Or am I just approaching this problem from a completely wrong angle?

You can have multiple UV Maps in Blender.

In the Properties Window > Data Object Data (Triangle with Verts icon) > UV Maps > hit + to add a new UV Map

Thanks. I know how do get multiple UV maps. My question is: Can I define different edge seams for the different UV maps.

You can.
It might seam like you lost the initial seems when doing the second one. In order to get corresponding UV Map seems, in the UV Editor Window > UVs > Seams From Islands.