Multiple simultaneous views / cameras

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Is there a way to see from several viewpoints at once, while using the realtime engine? I know blender currently only supports one active camera at a time (C-numpad0), but I don’t need to actually do a full render of each viewpoint.

What I’d like to do, basically, is have several camera views (like numpad-0), from different cameras. Probably half a dozen views. Is this possible?

(saluk) #2

Not without some serious python work.

Hopefully some of these kinds of features can be added after the open source, but don’t expect it anytime soon. There was a splitscreen demo released some time ago that used python to accurately render 2 views at once, so look into that. Do a search for split screen.

(z3r0 d) #3

from myself

and the way of Pooba
(look at his post)

… Pros/Cons

My way supposedly does not work in publisher 2.25, possibly because the python implentation of opengl is in a different place, or because it is not there because it can be a security threat (at the very least bad code can crash your computer). It will NOT work in the plugin for the latter reason. Furthermore, the different views for both methods are seperate scenes that contain the same linked objects (except the cameras, and possibly more). This may cause them to go out of sync since floating-points are not very accurate, and since linked duplicates do not share the same location in the realtime engine.

My method:
set the glViewport to the top half of the screen for one scene, the bottom half for the other.

Pooba’s method:
adjust the near, and farclip of the cameras (in each scene) such that the floor of the top screen is not visible below the center of the screen, and that the higher (on the screen) parts of the floor of the bottom screen are not visible above the top half of the screen.

both methods use a background (or overlay…) scene that has a different active camera.

oh, and Pooba’s method works in the plugin…
and mine squashes the split screens.