Multiple Softbodies with Collision Detection

Hello everyone…

I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with multiple softbodies. I’m creating a Flying Witch (bruja) for a South-Western American fable, and I can’t get the two softbodies to interact. Softbody Two–the witch’s body–needs to deflect the vertices of Softbody One, but still be affected by gravity and wind.

It seems to only be modellable on version 2.45. I get all kinds of results with 2.43.

BjornMoose lurks here, and he could answer, but you bring up an interesting point. by having to bake (2.45) you can only bake one sim at a time. The good news is that in 2.50, all baking is done on a frame-by-frame basis of all softbodies, so now multiple softbodies can interact with each other.

It gets even stranger. In 2.45 you can have more than one Softbody, but there’s something about the sequence. I was so exasperated that I recreated the softcomp.avi example as a .blend file, then added a Makehuman body. It worked, but only that time, and in that sequence.

well, yeah. in 2.45 and before A sim calculates based on the B just sitting there, then B recalculates on A’s sim, which then you have to recalc A based on on B’s NEW sim,…pretty much A1-B1, A2-B2 etc frame by frame. Hence you never had two+ softbodies interacting. But, in a few months, you can! or, er, now if you do SVN.