Multiple sounds per Speaker

In all Blender animations I make, I use Speakers to add 3D sounds. I’ve always had a huge issue with them; I can only assign one sound to occur at one time per speaker. For this reason, if I have a moving character speaking 3 different sentences at different frames (each sentence a different sound file) I need to attach 3 speakers in the exact same spot, which is difficult to maintain and wrong.

Is there really no way to get around this, and add different sound triggers at different frames on the same speaker? I looked in the NLA editor, and the only thing I’m able to adjust is what frame the speaker’s one sound occurs. Would highly appreciate it if something could be done or someone could explain how to achieve this.

No news on this? Still need to get it done, would like to know if it’s possible and how.

Still clueless and looking. No information at all? I’m tempted to think this might not be possible, but curious for confirmation.