Multiple sounds playing at once?

I’ve been wondering if there is a way of making different souds play at the same time in the game engine, it seems to only let me do one. Do I need to use Python for this?:confused:

I think each object can only play one sound, but if you use multiple objects, it should be fine.

You can have multiple sounds, my maze game has boxes that make a sound when they hit each other or the floor, the only problem is when enough of it is playing at the same time the background music stops which is a limitation of most game engines.

I would say that the sound system is the absolute worst part of the Blengine right now. Don’t trust it with a penny.

Well I guess Erwin and Charlie are too busy to add any improvements regarding sound to the game engine.

We need to recruit more programmers (or brainwash them!)

Personally I’d love .ogg and midi support

What about the videos of “Me and my airship” The sound sounded good in the videos.

The sounds system is actually great, you just have to tinker with it (and know how to). I mean, with one button depressed, you get 3d sound with doppler effects (messes with the pitch of the sound). That’s pretty good I would say. But answering the question

Instead of using the sound actuator, use the edit object>add object actuator and add an empty. The empty should be in another layer and be set up with a sound actuator (to just play the sound once).

OMG Virtus that is an excellent tip!
I gotta try that with zody :slight_smile:


Oh, right! Now I see, I’ve only been using one object for the sounds, I didn’t actually think of using more than one:o
Thanks for the help everyone:)