Multiple Status Bars

In my game I’m going to have a health meter, hunger meter, and a fun meter. Based on the levels of the hunger and fun meter the health would change.
NO I don’t need to know how to get the bars working. I’m smart enough to read a tutorial. I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found a good example of ways to alter the values of these bars and have them effect each other.
I am new to coding python for a game so I am just looking for some example to base my code on.

Thanks in advance.

you dont need python…

just use the message logic bricks…

lets say you are blasting aliens in your game…

do a collision for the bullets, then the kill animation, and sound ect… then a message to the status bar/meter score +1

have the score status bar with a message sensor looking for the message"score +1"

Thanks for the quick response. I tried to impliment what you said and I’m having the problem that the message is only sent once. This is an example of my setup.
This is the hunger bar effecting the health bar.


The health bar has:


The Script looks like this:
for s in range(0,2):

I want the health to go down steadily while the hunger bar is below a certain point. It goes down once when the hunger bar hits fifty but not after that.

Well, me, I’m not smart enough to use Python! :slight_smile:
With Logic Bricks my health bars work quite well?!
Maybe you’ve forgeted to enable the “pulse” little button?

not smart enough for Python but smart enough to make me look real dumb… thanks alot…

but seriously thanks…

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You welcome!