Multiple stencil maps problem

hi all,
ive been trying for hours to create multiple textures for a terrain,but i cant figure out how to perform such a thing,the second stencil BlackANdWhite image seems to be enheriting only the white areas from the first stencil image so i cant paint on the rest of the terrain,remember i did it once by applying node instances however i cant go for nodes considering im goiing to export it to ogre 3d and the exporter doesnt support nodes…
here s a picture of how im trying to achieve the result:
Uploaded with

what i wanted to do is to be able to apply various layers of textures using different stencils,like putting some dirt in a path and mixing grass textures and things like that…any clue on how i can achieve such a thing?
thx in advance and i look forward for replies!

hi all,
ok i found out that we cant use multiple stencils to map different areas from the first stencil and instead after painting the stencils we could bake textures and then create a new stencil all over again however when i bake textures i cant seem to find a way to keep the textures quality,the baked texture looks too pixelated how can i keep the same quality as before the baking?
i tried to increase the texture resolution but the result looks absolutely the same!
can anybody help me here?
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EDIT: btw depending on the answer it will be crucial for me to decide between stay with blender or switch to maya! thx

You’re probably going to have a ‘poorer’ quality texture, as your mesh is most likely huge, you know? I mean, if the mesh is exceptionally large, then when baking, you’re either going to have an exceptionally large texture, or a small texture with low quality. Most games take the second path, and add a small detail map.

hey Masta,
finally a saviour came haha :smiley:

You’re probably going to have a ‘poorer’ quality texture, as your mesh is most likely huge

yeah the mesh is way too big ,its like 1000 blender units ,and yes it is a texturing problem not a game engine problem since im gonna export it to ogre 3d,so considering my scenario as kaotic how can i make a decent terrain in blender? with nice textures and stuff,is it only possible with small meshes?
thx a lot for replying btw i really appreciate it!
i look forward for a second reply thx!

You have to use alpha splat or rgb masking shader for your mesh in ogre 3d.

or maybe you can use

No idea really about ogre 3d.

Hey there. I think might be of some help. I dont know witch method you are using but did you try using project painting? Im quite bad when it comes to texturing but the way I go at it I unwrap the terrain 3-4 times and while in edit mode I add different texture images in the UV image editor. Then I go to Texture paint>>enable project paint>>switch to the clone brush>>enable stencil and layer in the Project paint panel>>in the stencil I chose the layer I will be aplying the different textures and in the layer I chose the texture I will be aplying ontop of the main texture.
The method is very easy and str8-forward but I get some poor quality when doing large terrain aswell. Im expiriencing some quality issues mostly. I was wondering what method are you using?

hi Etana, thx a lot for ur reply dude and btw nice reference (links),i am pretty new to ogre dude so thats why i didnt know bout that but ill look at it more closely and see what i can do with my terrain stuff!!
thx again man i really appreciate it!
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hi Kalinaki,
thx for replying and regarding the method dat i use to paint the terrain is stencil map using a black and white image to map the terrain where black is the grass and the white area is the complement,things like rocks texture or dirt!
i know about the projection painting but i dont think that it will solve my problem ,considering blender doesnt handle too well large terrain textures…
but thx for the suggestion and i will try to use ogre to handle the textures on my terrain…
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I did try to use this method but I cant wrap my head around it. How do you do it? You unwrap your terrain and add an image>>add material>>add textures in the texture panel>>in your case select the grass texture and enable RGB to intencity,set it to black and enable stencil aswell>>go to texture paint and spray the areas?Am I missing something?

hi man how u doing?
i have an old video i recorded teching how to apply stencil maps…so here it goes:

i hope this helps,and any further questions please feel free to ask me!
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Hey GackToActivity. So I did some tests and it turns out that using stencil maps is the best way to aply textures on large terrain. Now, I tested with project painting and the texturepaint add-on for aplying different layers but when you use those on large objects and specialy meshes that are not scaled to 1:1:1 you have a bad quality when you zoom in.

Btw, do you have any pictures to show the difference in quality when you bake the textures onto the mesh and then try to add a new stencil layer?

Here is a quick test done in Multitexture without any noding.