Multiple texture coords for same texture, possible?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to transform coords after a texture has been applied. A material I’m working on currently has three texture nodes using the same image, which are fed vector inputs that have undergone various transforms on before assembling it in the end.

I would like to group this, and have the user only feed it a single texture, but that implies standard texture coordinates. So in the attached image, I want to group everything, and relocate the yellow image texture nodes outside of the group, but all vector transforms still reside within the group.

Is there any way at all this can be achieved? Image of the setup:

With nodes there’s no way… the image texture will lookup only the coordinate suplied by Cycles, and return just the color. Multiple lookups need multiple textureNodes.

The only possibility would be to write an OSL script, since you can access the texture color at any choosen coordinate from inside the script.

You could put the texture in a GROUP and reuse the group three (or three hundred!) times. As long as it is the same group, whenever you change the texture, it will change for every material in your .blend file that uses that group. And you could have a separate vector input for each, so they’re used differently. Does that achieve what you’re trying to do?

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OSL isn’t a valid option for me to use until it can be used with GPU support.
Yeah I though about that, but I was hoping for a cleaner tweak interface. Material isn’t exactly complex, and having to tweak things in different groups doesn’t give the as clean an interface as I was hoping for. But I guess I have to for now, thanks anyway. I kinda expected this was the case.

Maybe it’s something that could be reconsidered by devs? Seems a bit weird that a texture file is bound to coords this way rather than a lookup variable.