multiple texture maps

i have an model and i have unseamed it and texture mapped it with photoshop. i imported the map and everything looks awesome.

now i wanted to have a second map (png) that was transparent and had green line pattern on it. a separet material would then be self illuminent with the map.

but when i wanted to put the line map ontop of the texture map. it didnt work.
how can i have multiple materials apply to the whole object so that i have one map with the texture. and on top of that i have a line pattern map that is self illuminent.

i would appreciate any help about this. or work arounds so that the self illuminence only applies to one color in the map.

Add a material to your object (F5) and then add a Texture (F6). From the “None” menu select “Image” and look for the “Load Image” button and load your image with green stripes. Now go back to F5 and look in the MapInput tab for ORCO and change it to “UV” so it follows the same mapping coordinates as your UVMapped image.


i tried it but the it sows only the line art and not the uv map underneath. do i have to use a seperate alpha image or how can i make the transparent part of the png image show the uv map underneath?

Us the stencil button in the material mappings. You can add to something that way.

In the “Image” tab in F6 click the “UseAlpha” button. Then in F5 in the MapTo tab you may want to try a different BlendingMode than “Mix” (I’m not recommending this just suggesting you experiment).


all the textures render in order as well so if your stencil is the last in the list its stenciling nothing basically