Multiple texture slots

I’ve set up multiple texture slots but I’m unable to switch between the textures using the Slot drop-down in the Shading Editor. Well, I can switch between them but the texture always displays the same in the 3D viewport. The nodes all change appropriately, but nothing changes in the Viewport.

edit: this is Blender 2.8

Yeah… and even hierarchy, material stacking order doesn’t do anything. The first one created is the one used until others are removed, deleted from the list (yet they are still kept in the scene file until file is orphaned or closed). I think that’s by design.
Thus I manipulate multi texture “slots” and all things material within a single shading node tree. Those slots basically only come in handy when applying different materials to diferent faces :neutral_face:

@burnin - thanks for the reply. I quickly abandoned “slots”. It was doing nothing for me, except giving me indigestion. I’ll keep your thoughts in mind for diff materials to diff faces.

Thx again.