Multiple Textures for Halos


I was trying to use an Alphamap to control the form of my Halos and a Cloud Texture for some color diversity, but strangly Only the topmost texture in the textures panel in the Material buttons seems to affect the halo, meaning I can have either the Cloud Texture OR the alpha map
Am I doing something wrong or is it generally impossible to use multiple texture for HaloTex?

Not impossible, just barely visable… Ive tried similar things, with the same result…

barely visible? Whats that supposed to mean?
I mean, either the alphamap works and the white areas become invisible or it doesn’t and the halo stays round!

You Could try rendering with two or more seperate image files with each of the textures that you want and composite the images back together. You may be better off using similar colors for each texture or rendering all except the top-most image file as grayscale images if you try it like this.