Multiple textures in one mesh

Hey everybody :wink:
it’s my first participation in this forum, actually 3 days ago I entered the 3D world throughout the majestic Blender. Honestly I am amazed by the pieces of Art that people do using Blender, and I’m very veryy impressed. So welcome to me in this forum, and in the 3D world:D.
All this means that I have a looot of trouble modeling my objects, so my questions will seem stupid for many of you, but here we are, I’m looking for your help.
The point, I have 2 questions:

  • How can I apply 2 or more textures to one mesh, even if I select surfaces it dosn’t work, and all the objects in the layer have the same texture:confused::confused:
  • when I try to extrude some faces, I use the face selection mode to do so, but sometimes, one of select area get grey even though it should get pink, :confused:
    Thank you for your help, and have a nice day

Hello, first of all, welcome to Blender, 3d and Blender Artists!
For your first question, you can have up to sixteen materials linked to one object. When you create the second one, be sure that you have the part you want selected and then click assign in the links and materials tab.
Second question, are you accidently deselecting some faces or maybe the gray is showing that this is the active face. A clearer description may help.