Multiple textures in the same halo?

Hi guys, I’m about the creation of a halo material. I’ve created my shader and now I want to add some texture to map asa alpha and modify its intensity.
But I’ve discovered that only first tex channel is taken in account during rendering, every other texture channel I eventually add is not taken in account in the computation of the image.
Is that a limitiation of blender? a bug?
Or what to do in order to have more than one texture affecting my halo?

thank you!


This is a limitation that I thought was “fixed”. A while back, I used a build from graphical that did allow the use of more than 1 texture on a halo.

I actually submitted a bug report on this as well as for the fact that you cannot have multiple materials on a halo. The resolution, generally speaking is that it is working as designed, and could be enhanced, but it was not a bug.

I have since moved on from using that particular release, and use a different platform as well, so I don’t if you will be able to find it or not.

Best of Luck!

Oh, sorry man! And many many thanks to you for the reply, I missed it since now.
It would be good if that feature was fixedfor the next release.