Multiple textures looks fine in texture view but not material/rendered


My workflow involves selecting one object, selecting the faces I want to texture, going to the UV editor and loading the image that I want assigned to those faces, then repeating this process for several other textures. This results in multiple textures on a single object in the Texture Viewport Shading. There is only a single UVMap but it uses several textures.

Here’s an example file that represents what it looks like after I’ve done it:

Now I want to have these multiple textures be visible in the material/rendered view. I’ve tried giving a single material all of the textures but it only uses one of them (the lower one). Is there a way to tell Blender to use whatever texture that I applied to each face previously?

It seems very strange that there’s this disconnect between textured view and material view. Perhaps my workflow isn’t the intended way of doing things?

Yes, it isn’t :slight_smile:

For rendering with Blender Render, you could remove the textures and tick the “Face Textures” option in your material. But generally, it’s better to either set up different materials and assign them to different parts of the mesh, or bake the texture to combine colors from different images into one image, so that you could have one material and one texture.

Ah removing the textures then checking “Face Textures” does exactly what I want! Thank you for the help