Multiple textures/maps to an object?

Hi everyone! I am a ZBrush user and am really new at Blender and decided to give it a try by using one of the latest version available which is the 2.52.5 alpha 2 to improve my renders and explore animation a little bit.

I am really impressed with the interface and find it fairly intuitive to use as opposed to the intimidating look of previous versions but I fail to discover how I can use additional maps on top of a texture map assigned to an object to get the details created by my other application. What am I missing in 2.5 to accomplish this?

I create my objects, UVs, texture, normal and displacement maps all in ZBrush, flip them vertically and export them to Blender. I have no problem assigning the texture map to my objects once in Blender but I get stuck at that point for the rest.

Your help would be appreciated! Thanks