Multiple textures on one Material with Cycles

I’m still getting a handle on Cycles and Nodes. I have a road I’ve unwrapped and in an image file for the lane lines. What I want is an asphalt texture with my lines texture in the same material. The lines are in a transparent .png

The lines are UV mapped, but the asphalt texture I’d prefer to have Generated. I’m slowly getting the hang of nodes, but multiple textures is a bit over my head at the moment.

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

Use background texture an asphalt with UV texture generated and mix it with alpha PNG texture for the lines. For lines use UV unwrapped.
You can also to use multiple UV for one object a assign them nodes Attribute. Each UV has to have different name.

What I have so far is below in the node editor. The top “line” of nodes is what I originally had without the Mix node. It works great. I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying though, so I figured I’d post an image and see if anyone can point out the error of my ways.

You have an old version of Blender. The new one has alpha input node.


Okay, I see the Alpha channel on the Image Texture node in your image. I have 2.62 and another build with Bmesh. What version are you using? I’ll keep looking around.

Thanks for working with me on this!

I think you may also need a Mix Shader instead of a Mix Color at the end of your node system.


can you explain how to make your nodes set up work
i tried it and don’t get any good results?

what are the pics you used there are these PNG with alpha
do you have an example of image for this


Try some new from , for win for example