Multiple textures on one mesh?

How do you use multiple textures in one mesh? Im making a seamless charachter and want to have the head part have a diffrent texture file from the body.

Is this possible?

there are quite a few tutorials that can take you through this but here’s the lowdown.

yes you can have multiple textures.
1-create material (with or without textures) in material window
2-go to edit buttons, there will be a group of material buttons near the left side.
3-while in edit mode, select the vertices you want to be different
4-now click new under material, then click assign
5-go back to material buttons and make or choose new material

do this as often as needed for your object (hmm, I think you can have up to 8 or maybe thats channels of textures)

Ok, i think i finnally got it to work. Thanks Dreamsgate. :smiley:

So "texture button| is related to “matirial button” wich eventually gets linked to “edit buttons”… I kinda getting to know the workflow i think.

Oh, and it seems that for every object, i can add up to 16 materials in the edit button. This will be more than enough for any practical model i supose.

Not a problem, that’s what we are here for :stuck_out_tongue: