Multiple textures on same face in Cycles

I’m not sure if this particular question is asked on this forum or not. I want to have multiple texture on the same face (1 diffuse for color and another image with transparent background?). I want to achieve a result which is something similar to

I checked many video’s on youtube but could not find the right one. If this is already somewhere on the web, do help with a link.

Thanks in advance…


Use the alpha channel of your texture as the mix factor to combine the colour of the two textures

If each texture uses different UVs use an attribute node with the name of the appropriate UV as the texture vector input

If you want the two textures to have different materials you can use a Mix Shader and again use the texture alpha as the mix factor

Hi Richard,

Thanks for responding (probably on a beginners question)!

While waiting for the replies on the post, I stumbled across

As you can see, the render is showing an WHITE EDGE on the glass. The glass is made by circle with 64 vertices, shaped, with loops, a sub-div modifier (2x) and smoothened.

I will try by your method today…

Thanks a lot for the replies…