Multiple textures with UV-mapped faces

First of all I´d just like to say hi, I am new to Blender but not 3d in general. Been using Lightwave for many years but finding Blender a mixed bag of joy and frustration :D.

I have been trying for almost a day!! getting multiple textures to map to a simple box. I´m making simple houses with one texture per side, so maybe two or three sides per house.

What I´ve done is I made a material, then in editmode selected one face and unwrapped, either with unwrap or project from view. Then I have named the UV-map and made an materialindex for the selected face. Same procedure for each face.

In objectmode I have made three textures for the material and mapped them correspondly to the right UV-map and loaded the images. Now, in 3d-view it looks correct, but when I render I just get one texture on every side.

I am clueless and I have searched really hard to find any solution. Hope someone can point me in the right direction since I am working on a deadline.:frowning:

Attaching blendfile and screengrab.

Thanks for looking!


House_UV_multipletex.blend (171 KB)

On the material tab, do you have TexFace enabled?
Hope this helps:)

Do you have the images mapped to ‘uv’ in the Map Input panel under F5 shading? If you have seperate material indices, have you set separate copies of the material for the unwrap?

Looks like maybe the image is repeating because of being set to ‘Orco’ and repeating…

Hope you figure it out.

edit: Your images aren’t packed into the file, so I can’t see the results here, but I did notice you haven’t any vert groups under your F9 panel - you have materials, but no groups. You do have the images mapped to uv, so diregard that suggestion.

Thanks fellas, I got it working! After a nights sleep I tinkered some more. It seems I was on the right track, I think I just didn´t understand the concept of materials and indecies. As it is now, every face has it´s own material assigned to it and under F9 I selected the right face to correspond to the right material.

And thanks Excalaberr, I turned TexFace on. I didn´t notice any effect earlier but that may have been due to some othe fault.

Some things are not as straightforward as I would have liked and all jumping between tabs can be really frustrating. I would like to be able to name the materialindex in F9. It seems easier to tag the face to the material right there. Having to switch to the shading tab to do naming/renaming seems unlogical when you can´t select the indecies there to see if everything is right.

Anyways, thanks for your quick responses, supercommunity it seems :slight_smile: