multiple textures

With the new version you’re supposed to be able to apply both a regular UV texture and a reflection map at once. How do you do this? Whenever I try, one always just replaces the other. I’ve seen demoes with it working, but I can’t get it to work myself.

I just tried for myself and it seems your problem is that you don’t have at least 2 images available to use for the object. Try making a copy of the image and save it under a different filename, then open it in the UV editor so there’s now 2 images to chose from. Now say there’s a cube, subdivide it and put the first copy on one half and the second on the other half, now set one of them to reflection coordinates.

um…I was already using two seperate images, and I don’t understand the second half of your instructions. The example I saw has an object with a plain grey texture assigned to it, and a white-ish reflective map, and as the object moves around you see the white reflection shift across the surface of the grey texture. This is what I’m trying to replicate.

What I mean it assign 2 images to different sections of an object and set one of them to reflection coordinates and one to co-ordinates.

He is referring to multilayer texturing (applying 2 textures on one face), not applying 2 textures on different faces. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t tell…

Yes, kEinStein understands what I mean. Basically, how do I assign two textures to the same face?

I was meaning 2 textures to the same object, but on different faces because in the game engine I don’t think multiple textures on a single face is possible. Basically you go to UV select, select faces for the first texture and put it on in the UV editor, then press A till all is deselected and do the same process for other faces.

I haven’t tried it in the game engine, but if you were rendering an image you’d set it in the material and texture buttons. In the texture buttons you create two image textures and in the material buttons/map input tab you set them to map to “UV” instead of “orco” and in the map to tab you can set it to map to col for color and/or spec for specularity.

Ideally they should have applied this to the game engine in the same way, but I don’t know because I didn’t even realize specularity mapping had been implemented.

Kansas_15 - it is possible for more than one texture to be applied(one colour, one spec) because I have demoes that display this effect. I just don’t know how to duplicate it.

shbaz - I know that’s how you do it for a render, but applying uv textures for a game are entirely different, so that wouldn’t do anything.

For real multitexturing you would need the Tuhopuu2 build with Kester’s extensions, AFAIK. It’s not a BF Blender feature - at least not yet. I hope you are aware of it… :wink:

In BF Blender you can fake it using two different meshes - one smaller than the other - and apply two textures to the different meshes. It isn’t good for the performance though…

o…k…I don’t understand how the demo I downloaded(.blend, not .exe) had this then, if it doesn’t work in the version of blender I have, but alright…

Probably the object was duplicated and scaled slightly for the reflection map. That’s how it’s been done before.