Multiple Textures


at first I’d like to explaine what I want to do. I have rendered an object and now I’d like to reproject the images on the object. So, I want to texture an object with different images.

I created different UV-Layout for every view, by converting StickyUV-coords to real ones.
Then I have assigned a material with an image texture that uses the UV-Layout.

Now I have 7 materials(-indices) using different UV-mappings.

My Problem is: I see ownly one matrial! It ownly changes when I select a different UV-Layer. How are the matrials mixed?

Please help,

On the right-hand side of the MapTo panel are the different mixing methods. see for examples of stencil, etc. If you want them to mix together, they each need to have some partial transparency so that they each show through, or you need to mix them using the mix method for color, but not 100%

Each UV texture goes on a separate channel. For each channel, enter the name of that UV mapping in the MapInput panel.

You can also do it with multiple material ids.
Put the object in edit mode. Select a face. Press F9
In the Link and Materials TAB you will see a field called “Material”.
Click the New button and then number field will change from 1 to 2.
Click “Assign” and the selected face will now have a different material assigned to it.
Pick a different color for the new ID and you can observe the results in the viewport.
Multiple materials are nice if you need only a certain part of an object to be reflective or have a different style of material.

Thanks for the quick replies!

I tried your suggestion, but all what happed is that one material got some transparency.

The method you described is very time consuming - I have to check the faces for every UV-Layer (I have seven).
The information which face has which texture is there it lies in the UV-Mapping

To make the problem more visible, I added the following picture:
As you can see in the left corner - the uv-layers. In the middle you can see the different material indices. On the right the 3D-view with a rendered preview - normaly the whole object has to be textured.

Any ideas?