multiple Transform constraints

I have noticed a strange behavior in the “Transform” constraint, when used multiple times on the same object (owner) that should be affected by the transformation of different objects (targets).

In the attached .blend file, you can see three objects, each of them is affected by the X translation of the two cubes surrounding it (above and below).

In the upper case (tetrahedron-like) it should rotate on the Z both when the upper cube and the lower cube are moved. Indeed, it is only affected by the lower cube, that corresponds to the target of the last constraint in the stack. In case this constraint is disabled or moved up in the stack, the upper control cube will work.

The same happens for the scaling case (pentagonal prism), the lower example in the attached .blend file.

For the translation case (the central one, with the cube-like object), both control cubes work at the same time! And it is exactly what I need. Too bad, I also need the rotation controlled by two targets, and the “influence” doesn’t work as a workaround for my specific needs.

It’s surprising for me that the behavior is different for rotation-translation-scale. I don’t see why it couldn’t work in the same way, but maybe I’m missing something…

Can anybody help me?

Thank you.


MultiTransformQuestion.blend (545 KB)

I personally have never been able to get the Transform constraint to work for me… I always end up having to use Rotation and Location Constraints… with some kind of a parenting setup… or go strait to using a driver setup…

Well Norvamn, your simple reply was sufficiently helping me.

I looked a simple tutorial on Drivers, and I figured it out to use them to work around my issue!

Thank you, it was not exactly what I needed but I solved my issue for now.

Oh… sorry I had intended to give you a link to some Rigging tutorials that addressed Drivers but I didn’t include it in the message… I just getting old I suppose…