Multiple UV and textures for Cycles Bake

Hello everyone, I’m quite new to Blender and I’m trying to export these 3 pieces (in the image below) joined as an object to sketchfab. So I’m trying to bake these 3 different textures, with 3 predefined UV Maps in Cycles.

So my first problem is that I don’t know how to join the 3 different UV maps in one in Cycles and everytime I try to bake I only get one texture (the one related to the cloth).

I can do this on Blender Internal but I can’t seem to get the render quality I can get with Cycles. Thanks in advance for any help the forum can give me.

Where is your blend file and textures ? I see no link in your post !

Sorry, I can’t seem to be able to upload it to the forum. I select the file and it doesn’t show up on the add window.

Same problem for me. I have been trying this for 2 days now. All the tutorials i found are outdated / don’t work. :frowning:
can i upload my blender file + textures too ?

edit: Update: I now have blender bake every texture to it’s corresponding faces. I did this by assigning only 1 texture to 1 material and then assign the material to the faces. Next problem the baked textures aren’t scaled right, and are all blurry.

edit 2: The game I’m making the model for is minecraft and the textures are very low-resolution (16x16), so the blurryness might result from upscaling.

Uploaded the blender file + textures

Here goes the link to my file:

Did you guys find a solution jet for this? I have also one mesh object which contains 3 different UV mappings. I want to bake this to 1 correct map. But with the baking it only takes the active UV map which is set to render in the Data tab

here is my solution. (May be there is similar thread or tutorial, but I did not find yet)

Step 1: In UV/Image editor create new image. Bigger than 1024x1024 size will give better detail. Because all the textures that you use have better resolution. And when you put them together you will need more resolution. For now I leave it 1024x1024.

Step 2:
Create another uv map for the object.

Step 3:
select the newly created (here I named it all together) uv map and the image and go to edit mode. and all mesh selected unvrap with Smart UV Project option.(Here before unwrapping I removed the bottom face of the fabric)

Step 4:
In node editor select one of the materials and add an UV Map node (texture coordinate node with uv selected also works) pointing newly created uv map (I named here “all_together”) then connect that to the new image texture node pointing the blank image you have created (I named here “all_together”). Then select both of these nodes check that the image texture is selected second (active) and copy to all material nodes used for the object.

Step 5: Go to object mode, select the object, created image and UVmap and hit bake. According to the resolution of the image and etc.. it will take a time..

Step 6: That is it. You can create new material as shown above to test…

The point here is to copy the image node (Step 4) to all materials used for the object (or wanted to be baked.).

I hope this is helpfull and someone like Andrew Price make a better video tutorial…


Thank you very much for the in-depth explanation, ozzzi. It worked indeed. :smiley:

You are welcome.

Is there any script for step 4 to automate the copy and paste process?

I am trying to build an object with multiple textures and then bake to one big UV map and though I can follow upto stage 4 of the above notes, when I go back into object mode, it only ends up baking one part of the texture. Do I need to create an additional material for the new ‘Full UV Map’, I am a bit unclear on the exact steps to finish this off. Don’t really want to resort to the Blender renderer as I’d have to redo all my materials.

Thanks bru. Worked like a charm. Been banging my head against this for a week, trolling google etc.

Hello , Ozzzi! You are graet !!! I have been looking for a sample like this for 3 days!!! I have a question… How about if we have a human model which is divded as two objects: head and torso and each of them have 4 k textures? So when we create a blank new texture for our new UV (All together ), which resolution it has to be created for not to loose details of our 4k textures head and torso after combined? 1024x1024 px , 4096x4096 px or 8192x8192 ??? (my intension was giving an example to a human model. Cuz i modeled a human figure and divided him to two parts to work with the head 4k when texturing . and now i have combined that two objects and I’ll follow the steps as you mentioned here.)

Thank you sooooo much!!!