Multiple UV coordinate sets

I’m developing a game using the Ogre graphics engine and I’d like to use multitexturing for adding detail. Ogre supports the use of multiple UV coordinate sets for a mesh. My question is: does Blender support the creation of multiple UV coordinate sets for a given mesh, and how do you set that up?

My plan is to use a fairly standard unwrap approach within coordinates of 0 to 1 for one texture, but with the other texture I’d want to have coordinates well outside 0 and 1 to get much greater detail and repetition with that texture.

If Blender doesn’t support multiple texture coordinate sets for a given mesh, I’d appreciate pointers to tools that do.

Thanks for any help.

It looks like I found the answer in this other topic: .

Quite simple after all.

Under F9 > mesh tab > New UV Texture to add another uv layer.

I seem to be on the outs in this forum. When I post, a message appears saying my post will need to be reviewed. Its been awhile and my posts aren’t showing up (although this first one did).

It seems to happen when I post a new thread. I’ll try again.

oops, found the answer after posting this question, the exact answer, in another thread. There’s so many! Anyway, the solution is very simple but subtle.
Don’t know how to link to another thread, but search for the topic header
“Dupicate a UV Texture Layer”

Hi all, I have a follow up question to this topic:
This is SUCH a standard process that I can’t believe I can’t figure out how to do it!
I have color image and the accompanying normal map image. They are two different sizes.
For the UV mapping to overlay the images correctly, each image must be mapped to its own UV texture.
Now, I had to do a bunch of editing to put the (color) UV vertices exactly where I want them, a much smaller subset.
To make the normal map UV vertices line up visually with the color uv vertices, I have to do the same thing. Problem is, that’s really difficult to do, impossible really to do by eye very well. What I need is a script that will grab the UV coordinates datablock from one UV texture and allow me to copy to the other.
Hell, if a script isn’t around, I could probably do it with maybe two lines of command-line code, but I’d be here all night troubleshooting it, sigh…anybody?