Multiple UV coordinates

I`m interested to know if there is a way to have multiple texture coordintes on a single object

For example we have a sphere
On the first UV coordinates i have a color texture
For my second UV coordinates i have lightmap texture…offcourse the UVs will be placed different from the first Uv coordinates

Anyone has any ideea how can this be done…?
Also i`m using 3dsmax for my UV creation so i wish to know if there is a way to have my 2 set of texture coordinates in blender from my 3dsmax exported objcect (3ds,dwg,x)…

Anyone has any experience with this?

Im planing on using the GE side of blender for my project :smiley:

I tried to do that and couldn’t find a way, maybe someone else has. I found that I could add more textures and mix them or use add so both of them could be seen, but I couldn’t change the mapping from the first texture I put in to something different. What you will find, though, is that Blender models handle light fairly well. It also has a shadow feature so you can add static shadows and they will become part of the ground plane. I’ve experimented with raybaker, a blender script, with that feature and gotten pretty good results.

I think this is being worked on for the next release. (2.43) I dont think there is a way to do it at the moment. You can have multiple textures but not mutiple UV coordinates.

Any ideea when 2.43 is going to be out?
I think for the GE this should have been addressed a long time ago :expressionless:

But then again beeing a free product it comes as it comes :slight_smile:

Also i wonder why if an object has a material assigned to it with textures already in the slots why is it necesary that we also assign textures from the UV Image editor?If i dont assign a texture from the Uv image editor i dont see any texture in my view even when i have a materail assigned to the object…something i`m missing?

Actually, “Use Blender Materials” and multi-texturing are relatively new features in the BGE, so not everything has been worked out yet.

Also, afaik the next release is not going to be called “2.43” (though that is what people are currently calling it). I think Ton had been tending toward “2.5”.

There has to be some BIG upgrades to warrent a skip to 2.5.

Oh wait, ya, sculpt mode, upgraded modifier system, ect…

How far can anyone go on creating a game with GE without the need of python?

So far for what i have seen there arent any good solid game examples to make GE a serious game maker or it was not exploited at its full power…i mean could a game like quake3 or warcraft 3 be made without the need of python?

Blender at first caught my eye by having the visual linking(game logic) on assigning objects propertys without coding but im not sure to what extent that goes

Many of the users i see on the forums are not born programmers or dont want to spend theyr time learning some new programming language even if it`s basic is still takes time to learn the entire ‘jargon’

Would it be possible to go all the way like having a caracther and that caracther has an inventory that has 3 objects and the characther should be able to have his property`s changed depending on those 3 objects from the inventory…i mean how far can the game logic go without any python?

Thank you for the answers so far :slight_smile:

Maze games and walkthroughs can be done without python. But if you want to do such things as carrying variables from level to level then you’ll need to know python.

Maze games and walkthroughs can be done without python. But if you want to do such things as carrying variables from level to level then you’ll need to know python.

Hmm…i was hoping that when they started doing the GE they had in mind a more complex creation of games…

What if the GE hasnt been fully explored?...I have seen that there is a lack of tutorials and examples...also i havent seen any serious game implementations like a fully cool FPS/RTS/RACING game that would make people choose GE instead of insert another game engine here

I remember trying the blender GE a few years ago but abandon it because of so many things lacking and so far still no examples of a quality games…or i`m just mean :smiley:

Do a search for club silo thats pretty much the benchmark game right now. The guys who made it know what they are doing and are pretty clued up on the coding side of things.

I don’t know of any high quality 3D game maker that doesn’t require at least some programming skills to make a really good game. That said, you are correct that Blender’s Logic Brick system is not utilized to its full potential. You could probably do a whole lot more with it than most people do, you just need to be able to think the right way and you need to be very familiar with how the BGE works.

                                             How far can anyone go on creating a game with GE without the need of python?

Eventually, you just get tied up in not being able to really see what your doing. You may think your not a programmer, but if you can speak, you can program. If you don’t want to learn, you can make simple games and hamper yourself, like walking with a crutch when you have good legs, but it will show in your game. It’s a great way to start, because whether you know it or not, you are programming when you use logic bricks. You’ll do the same thing your doing but with words instead of little strings that connect the boxes when you use python. It’s a normal fear and everyone goes through it, but if you want to grow as a game developer then you need to learn Python. It’s the easiest of all languages to learn. Do some games with bricks and you’ll start to hunger to be able to do more, and you’ll learn python, or just stay within the limitations of the logic bricks. Some people are happy with that. You really can do a lot with the bricks. Either way, everything you learn while your using the logic bricks will be used when you write python.

I have seen the demo game and it looked good.
I`m wondering how much programming went into that :expressionless:

I think that what many people are looking for is a game engine where they can quickly add game content,gameplay without the need of a team or learning the ‘jargon’ of the programming language
People like to be they`r own bosses if you get my ideea :wink:

Game logic seems easy to use because you have a visual representation of what you want to make…in other words a simplified version of programing and you don`t have to worry about all sorts of variable changes,functions,what goes where and what does what

It would be cool if there would be a larger scripting library but from what i have searched there aren`t many cool GE script to use :expressionless:

Again when it comes free it comes as it comes

EDIT:Also where can i find some more official news/disscutions about the new vesrion that they are working on?

actually in the current version 2.24a you can have up to 2 different uvcoords for the same or different textures repectively through python, im feeling a bit too lazy at the moment to explain specially since ive been away for a while and its all gone a bit rusty :stuck_out_tongue: but here is a file i made whilst messing with multiple uvcords.

Enjoy and Good Luck :wink:

Hi,thanks for the file…i will have a look…i have worked with directors lingo so i know some programming stuff but when i`m away i tend to forget what did what :smiley:

This is why i think it`s importatnt that GE to get more stuff visualy than rely on python :wink:

Hey Siegel – forgive my ignorance, but how do you run the script included in this file? Do I need to copy it to a text editor (or them, because there appear to be 2), and if so, what are their names and do they appear automatically in the scrips window? last question – can you assign one of these UV textures to normal instead of color?


i know this sounds bad but ive actually forgotten what ive done there and how it works, but i will play with it again and apparently in the upcoming release of blender you should have access to multiple uv’s as in more than two (should be through uv edit window)