Multiple UV Map in one object and back for 1 texture

I expose my problem to you.
I mapped an object with 8 UV maps.
I needed several textures and to make several UV unfoldings according to my textures. (see Attachment)
Now from this model, I would like to bake with a single texture. do you know if this is possible?

thank you in advance

By default, baking uses the Active UVmap (with the camera icon).
So, in your case the baking will use the ‘background’ uvmap, and all other textures will be transformed to that UV space.

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I am pretty sure when you put more than one image texture on one object you use SLOTS at that point. So you make the material and add slots to that material for each image texture you place on your object. If you manage to make this work please share picture of how the nodes are setup.!
I am still a bit unclear on how baking works but I know it makes it faster to view in someway.