multiple uv maps and nodes

I cant seem to figure out how to combine more than 2 uv mapped materials with nodes. Can someone post an example of a node tree that has over 3 materials each with its own uv map combined onto one object?
Thanks in advance

I second that. Multiple UV layers in Cycles has been a gigantic PITA, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on it other than “use the ‘Attribute’ node.”

use the name of the uv as input in [name] of “Attribute” node…

I cant find the attribute node. Im using blender render and 2.63. Ive also looked in cycles but i just cant find the attribute node. Is it the same as the AT node?

Should I be looking under material nodes or texture nodes?

I have been able to use 2 uv maps by having 2 different materials each with the uv from a geometry node connected to its color input. I then put both through a a mix node, and connect the uv output of the top to the mix node factor. This works for 2 but I cant figure out how to add a third.

What on Earth is that?

thanks that was a very helpful post

ok this shows the first two materials anre uv mapped, one for the eyes and one for the face. The third material is for the hat. They are all three using their own uv map and picture. So how can i make the third one go to the hat?