Multiple UV maps and textures in cycles not displaying in edit mode as I want

I’ve applied a cycles material to my object, imported a texture, unwrapped the mesh and gave the node setup an attribute input of the name of my first UV map. Then I added another UV map and again set up the nodes with the attribute and then mixed both textures. Everything displays correctly in my render.

In object mode I can only see the texture, which I select in the node setup. I can also click on the uv maps and change the placement. I assume object mode can’t just mix alpha channels and so on, so this is probably the way to work.

BUT: when I tab into edit mode, my UV map doesn’t work how it used too. I can change the map, but changes are not updating in the viewport. I have to go back to object mode or render it, to see my changes. What have missed to do? Usually I can preview all my textures in edit mode and now I don’t know if I screwed something up or not.

Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that Blender has some trouble displaying textures in Cycles. It renders fine but the viewport handling of the textures is screwy at best. You should try texture animations with Cycles, it’s the same pain in the mouse… multiplied by hundred of frames, or worse. A real pleasure for masochists. :wink:

Ok. Thank you. Maybe I’ll try and see if I can switch to Internal just for UV mapping in real time display and then back to Cycles for the rest.

I’ve checked again and single textures/UVs work real time in edit mode in Cycles. It’s just an issue when I create multiple maps and then want to display one of them. It always uses the first one created for all textures in the edit mode viewport.