Multiple UV maps in Yafaray

Does anyone know how to get multiple UV maps (correctly assigned etc in Blender) to work in Yafaray?

Yafaray seems to only recognise one UVmap and then assigns that to all textures for that object.

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I’ve sort of found a workaround…

I needed to apply a bumpmap to the object using a second UV map, and that didn’t work. Instead I’ve displaced the object slightly, in the modifiers tab, using the bump texture and the correct UV map, before going into Yafaray. Seems to work, but I think a bump would be simpler.

If anyone has any ideas, please post below :smiley:

I use YafaRay on a regular basis and never encountered any problems with using different UV maps for the ‘Col’, ‘Nor’, ‘RayMir’ etc. channels. What YafaRay does not seem to support though is having multiple UV coordinate systems on the same mesh. Might that be the problem in your case?

If not: Could you post a .blend that shows the problem?

I added a simple example .blend to show that it works. Remember to unpack the textures from the file before rendering with YafaRay.


UVTest.blend (209 KB)

HI, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, perhaps I didn’t word it correctly, it is the ‘multiple UV coords’ problem. I have 2 different UV maps on one object. One was unwrapped carefully, using seams etc, the other was a front projection. I would like the COL channel to use one, and the NOR channel to use the other. Sounds silly but I have my reasons.

I can’t post a Blend just now, but I hope I’m now making sense.

It would be great to get this sorted the proper way, but the workaround I mentioned has worked so far.

Well, the only solution I see then is to adapt the ‘Nor’ map so that it can use the same unwrap as the ‘Col’ texture. Or you post a feature request at for YafaRay to support multiple UV coordinate systems…