Multiple UV Maps Into one Map

I have got my model (A wooden cart) and I have unwrapped all the parts separately (wood, bolts and wheels) Is there a way that I can merge all of the separate UV unwraps together to create one map, which I can texture?

If you dont understand, I can explain further


yes you can.

  1. make sure you are using blender internal
  2. join all objects together, now you have one object with several materials
  3. Create a second uv channel
  4. In the uv editor, go new->image and unwrap it so that each part of the mesh has its own space on this texture
  5. Make sure you have the new (black) texture in the uv editor and the new uv channel on the mesh selected
  6. go to the render tab and the bake section all the way down. From the bake mode dropdown select Textures and click bake
  7. This should take all the separate textures and bake them into one map that you should save.
  8. Delete the first uv channel, delete all your materials
  9. Create a new material, set your baked texture as its texture, make sure you use uv coordinates
  10. All done!

Hope that helps!

I’m new to this stuff, so the method I use isn’t near as proper as that noted by Count Frolic.

I unwrap each object to their own UV as normal but I use the grid background as reference and then scale, rotate and position the individual islands so they only take up space in certain areas. I export the UV layouts and put them in a photo editing program as layers and combine them there. Then I use that layout to make my texture image. Back in blender if you use UV coordinates then each object can use the same material or texture image and they will all have the proper image applied.

This will work for diffuse and spec mapping, probably not for normal mapping though.

I will definitely give CountFrolics method a try though. My method is just trying to figure out things on my own with little foreknowledge.