Multiple UV Maps on same meshpart

I’ve got two textures on a mesh, so I’ve also got two UV maps. Now when I scale the first UV map it automatically scales the other one too, although they’re mapped to two different textures.
How can I separate them?

Thank you :cool:

If you look under “data” (right panel where “materials, Texture, scene” are etc.). Look under “UV map”. Do you have two different UV maps there, Alternatively do you have two material groups for the same mesh hence two textures.

I’m a little unclear of how you are having problems with this. A bit more info would help.

I suspect you have all your UV (islands) selected when you scale. You can have them different sizes as you seem to want but you must ensure that you only select the islands that you want to scale in the UV editor. Make sure all other islands are not selected. Another potential problem might be that you have be modelling with proportional editing on (press O - letter). Alternatively more info, image or file might help me to work out what you are doing wrong unless someone can guess.

A map is a map is a map. You can potentially have several different maps associated with the same object, and you can have several different textures using any one of those maps. This gives you tremendous flexibility, but it can be confusing. Carefully check how many maps you have, and how many textures you have, and which texture(s) use which map. It sounds to me like, even if you do have multiple maps, one of them is in fact associated with several different textures.

Oh sorry I didn’t explain it well so here I’ve got two images of the different textures. The unwrapped meshpart is the same. So when I scale the meshpart, it’s scaled up for every texture. How can I create a new UVmap?

I couldn’t upload images

Why dont you change the scale of the texture instead of the uv’s themselves?

Because I’m not transforming the whole mesh, just a meshpart in the UV Editor.