Multiple UV maps, one texture

Is it possible to have individual channels of a image texture use different UV maps?
ie, have the alpha use UV channel 1 while having the RGB on channel 0 without duplicating the texture node?

I think you can use UV map node with multiple image texture nodes:

I don’t think you can make different UV maps control different outputs of one Image Texture node.
If you duplicate nodes and plug UV map nodes with different maps there won’t be resources waste since Image Texture nodes still will use the same datablock (the nodetree will become a bit bigger though)

yeah but we need split RGBA node and we don’t have it :frowning:

uv 1 -> image node 1----split RGBA - (use A)

uv2 ->image node 2----split RGBA- (use G)


Material nodes don’t have split RGBA node, but Image Texture node itself has outputs for RGB and alpha separately.