Multiple UV maps present on a mesh, but only one displayed in UI.

Hello folks, I have a question that perhaps someone can assist me with. I feel that I may have made a rather noob mistake and I have not found an answer to my question anywhere online or in this forum. Allow me to explain my issue.

I had two meshes for a character that I was working on. One mesh contained the hair, the other mesh contained clothing detail which included a few hair accessories. After UV mapping both meshes, I decided to split the second mesh and attach the hair accessories to the hair mesh.

The problem is that Blender shows the 3D view correctly while displaying textures, but when I change the drawing method to materials it doesn’t work as expected. While I have read up on how to use a material with two UV maps, I cannot for the life of me find the second UV map as only one is listed on the mesh. Somehow blender still knows about the second UV map because the texture-display in the 3D view shows correctly, and exporting the model as .fbx and importing it into Unity works as expected.

Is there any way to recover this second UV map so I can build the material correctly, or do I effectively need to start over and create new meshes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Strange. Did you try separating the meshes again, renaming one UV map and join back the meshes ?